Postage costs

Recent shipping costs of Deutsche Post and DHL.
Last update: 1st January 2022

Free shipping from € 60 value of goods.

The online shop estimates the postage (weight). We calculate the exact postage after packing. You will get an email after posting the order.

reg. = with tracking service (Post, DHL)
sig. = signature of recipient and tracking service


Typeweight normal reg.sig.transport
Letter50 g€ 1.00€ 3.35Post
Box, H: 5 cm 1 kg€ 2.75€ 5.10Post
Packet S2 kg€ 3.79DHL
Parcel5 kg€ 7.49DHL
Parcel10 kg€ 9.49DHL
Parcel31.5 kg€ 16.49 DHL


European Union (EU)

Typeweight reg.sig.transport
Box XS, H: 3 cm 500 g€ 6.60€ 7.97Post
Box S500 g€ 7.20€ 8.57Post
Box M1 kg€ 11.13 € 12.50Post
Parcel5 kg€ 17.99 DHL
Parcel10 kg€ 22.99DHL
Parcel20 kg€ 33.99DHL
Parcel31.5 kg€ 44.99DHL

World (e.g. Japan, South Korea, USA, …)

Typeweight reg.sig.transport
Box XS, H: 3 cm 500 g€ 6.15€ 7.30Post
Box S500 g€ 7.35€ 8.50Post
Box M1 kg€ 11.35€ 12.50Post
Box L2 kg€ 22.25 € 23.40 Post

The detailed commercial invoice for the customs is attached outside on the consignment. The digital data (addresses, email, content description, value of goods) will be transferred to Deutsche Post (and the customs). In most countries a phytosanitary certificate is required for the import.

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