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I need the locality data for ...
Please look/search in this plants data text file.

What is the size of a 2 and 3 years old Lithops?
2Y: 4 – 9 mm diameter, depends on species
3Y: 1 – 3 cm diameter, depends on species

How many plants fit in a 500 g box?
• 2Y Lithops: 50 – 70 or
• 3Y Lithops: 20 – 50 or
• Conophytum: 20 – 70 or
• Mesembs: 3 – 50

What is the postage for my country?
See postage costs

Do you sell any plants/seeds at wholesale rate?
Maximum discount is 10%, see general terms and conditions.

How many varieties are in mixed Lithops seeds?
15 species at least + subspec. + var.

Is the price of a Conophytum for one piece or one clump/cluster?
For one plant it may be 1 head or up to 10 heads depending on species and age.

What is the difference between a Conophytum cutting and a 3 years old plant?
A 3Y plant is grown from seed, a cutting is a head or clump of heads cut off from a larger plant and rooted. Cuttings are usually larger than 3Y plants at the same price.

Which potting medium do you use?
We use only Pumice (Bims), nothing else. It is a natural volcanic stone (beige porous gravel, fast drying), just sieved (could contain other stone parts, don't wash it).

Which temperatures do you have?
In winter here I keep plants between 0 – 10°C, in summer it occasionally gets to 30°C (outside of the greenhouse).

Which are the months I should not water Lithops?
Here in Germany I do not water in winter (December till March). Maybe you can water all year round (in a hot country). Lithops optica (Rubra) needs some water in winter.

How to pay?
See payment options

How to order for Koreans
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COP =  Conophytum plant
MP=Mesemb plant (not Conophytum or Lithops)
C=Lithops plant with Cole number (field collection number, see LLD list)
L=Lithops plant without Cole number (L/LC number to distinguish the plants in our nursery without any further meaning)
2Y=2 years old seedling (nY = n years)
20S=20 seed grains
2H=2-headed plant (nH = n heads)

Size and quantity

COPConophytum have 1 – 3 heads, some have more
COP XXLConophytum with 10 heads or more
C/L 2YLithops, 5 – 9 mm head diameter
C/L 3Y, nH  Lithops, 1 – 3 cm head diameter