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Dumpling and His Wife - New Views of the Genus Conophytum
TitleDumpling and His Wife
New Views of the Genus Conophytum

Publisher  EAE Creative Colour Ltd.
AuthorsSteven Hammer and Andreas Jürgens, Matthew Opel, Chris Rodgerson, Ute Schmiedel, Terry Smale
Info.2002, 396 pages (22.6 x 28.8 cm), 676 col. + 60 b/w photos, 2 col. + 5 b/w drawings, 4 maps, 3 charts

The Genus Conophytum - A Conograph
TitleThe Genus Conophytum
A Conograph

Publisher  Succulent Plant Publications
AuthorSteven Hammer
ISBN0-620-17633-4 (Standard Edition)
0-620-17634-2 (Collectors Edition)
ISBN-13978-0-620-17633-0 (Standard Edition)
978-0-620-17634-7 (Collectors Edition)
Info.1993, 286 pages (22 x 26.7 cm), 274 col. + 1 b/w photo, 5 col. + 1 b/w drawing, 10 col. maps

LITHOPS Flowering Stones
Flowering Stones

Publisher  Cactus & Co. Libri
AuthorsDesmond T. Cole & Naureen A. Cole
ISBN88-900511-7-5 (English: 2000 copies)
Info.March/April 2005, 368 pages (20.7 x 29.5 cm), 644 col. + 5 b/w photos., 3 col. + 85 b/w drawings, 7 maps, 98 habitat photos

Lithops - Treasures of the veld
TitleLithops - Treasures of the veld

Publisher  British Cactus and Succulent Society
AuthorSteven A. Hammer
ISBN0-902-099-64-7 (Softbound Edition)
0-902-099-59-0 (Hardbound Edition)
ISBN-13978-0-902099-64-7 (Softbound Edition)
978-0-902099-59-3 (Hardbound Edition)
Info.1999, 148 pages (18.3 x 24.8 cm), 229 col. photos, 3 b/w photos, 1 drawing

Vygies - Gems of the veld
Gems of the veld

Publisher  CACTUS & Co. libri
AuthorsE.J. van Jaarsfeld, U. de Villiers Pienaar
Info.2000, engl. & ital., 240 pages (23.6 x 33.7 cm), 820 col. photos, 2 col. maps, 3 b/w maps
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Mesembs of the world
TitleMesembs of the world

Publisher  BRIZA Publications
AuthorsSteven Hammer, Ernst van Jaarsveld, Pascale Chesselet, Prof. Gideon Smith, Dr. Heidi Hartmann, Prof. Ben-Erik van Wyk, Priscilla Burgoyne, Cornelia Klak, Dr. Hubert Kurzweil
Info.1998, 406 pages (17.4 x 24.8 cm), 709 col. photos, 198 b/w drawings, 128 maps